Product Review – Tanologist Self Tan Water

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I’m not really a fake tanner. In fact, I’ve probably only fake tanned twice in my life. And both times were disasters. And I vowed never to self tan again.

Obviously I broke that vow, when I stumbled across this beauty promoting her Tanologist Self Tan range. I thought that now I’m older, I surely have more of a grasp on fake tanning, than I did when I was thirteen. So, after watching some videos on Youtube about the tan and how it applies, I rushed straight to my nearest Superdrug to grab a bottle.

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Recipe – Homemade Tomato, Kale and Red Pepper Soup

If you’ve been following me for quite a while, you might have seen some of the other recipe posts that I have one here.

Well, this week (after my works Christmas Do), I may have overdone it on the alcohol… By a lot! A two day hangover is two days too many!

So, I decided yesterday, that after two days of living off Heinz chicken soup, Mum cuddles and eating my weight in junk food, that I needed a change.

Introducing my homemade soup. Now I wanted something that with loads of green and something that was high in Vitamins.

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