Autumn Favourites

My favourite time of year is approaching and I couldn’t be more excited for the seasonal change over…

1) Autumn Fashion – I love watching the progress of fashion over the course of the year, especially as the months get colder and the sweaters and jeans comes out. I always love a good oversized sweater with skinny jeans paired with UGGs or heels.

2) Makeup –  I love the warmer tones in eyeshadows and lipsticks that seem to come out during Autumn/Winter time. Burnt orange and caramel browns are my favourites.

3) Starbucks – Might be a little random, but hello seasonal Starbucks drinks! I love it when they get the specials in and I’m already counting down the days till Red Cups come out. Instead anyone is interested they comes out on the 10th November!

4) Cozy nights – To me, I’d rather save my money than spend it on night outs getting drunk! Don’t get me wrong, I’d go out to a celebrate a birthday or to celebrate a promotion or, like, a staff night out, but I’d much rather curl up with a blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and a book or a movie with heating on full blast.

5) Lush Products – I love the little range that they release for Halloween! I hope they release something new this year… And their Christmas Range! (Heart eyed emoji)

6) Halloween – Hello trick or treating! Joking, I’m 22 so I’ve grown out of that (crying face emoji) however, hello Halloween parties! I’m going to try and do something different this year though… Doesn’t Alton Tower have Scare Fest on this year? Has anyone been? Is it worth it?

7) My Birthday – I dread it now, because I don’t want to get older! But hello, December, I love and hate you! (Mainly love!)

8) Christmas –  Obviously! I may work over the Christmas Period but I still find time to see my friends and family and give them gifts! Christmas shopping is one what I’m already saving up for! I hope we get snow this year! As much as I hate it when it goes to frost and ice, I do love it when it’s freshly fallen! Our very own Winter Wonderland!

9) Winter Wonderland – I really want to go! Is it as great as everybody makes out? I love the look of the Ice Bar and the London Eye at night would be so beautiful!

What’s your favourite time of the year? And why? Let me know in the comments!

XOXO, Abiee





















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