Discovering Huda Beauty


(Photo via Huda Beauty twitter)

Whether you know me personally or from behind the computer screen, it’s no secret that I’m obsessed with makeup.

So when CultBeauty was having a sale on, I was browsing through the site (as you do) and I stumbled across Huda Beauty. And what a selection! It was makeup galore and I wound up with three little presents for myself (after about an hour of deciding, not a lie.) and I just knew I had another blog post in my future…

So with new release of her Lip Strobes, I was curious about them. And I found my favourite one pretty much straight away!

Ritzy is a rosé champagne colour and I love it! I do like my nudes and light subtle tones when it comes to lips in Summer.



(Now these aren’t the most flattering photos of me, as they were taken with my phone. However, I wanted to show you what the products looks like on.)


So, this is what Ritzy looks like on. I love the softness of the gloss. And even better, I did Huda’s little DIY tip of blotting your lips after application and what that does is takes the glossiness away, however, it leaves behind the pigment and colour, so it’s almost like a lip-gloss matte finish.

Definitely going to be my go to colour while Summer is visiting us!

Now, onto the matte lipstick and liner! I love the matte finish effect because you don’t have to top it up between drinks and bites to eat. (At least I don’t.) It stays on all day with no need of a top up. Saying that, I do carry it around in my bag just in case.

For the lipstick matte, I picked ‘Bombshell’ and ‘Venus’ for the lip liner. With the lip liner, it’s so smooth and soft to apply, unlike some lip liners I’ve previously worn.


For the application of the lipstick matte, you literally only need a little bit. You know that saying ‘A little goes a long way’, well that definitely applies here! Leave for thirty seconds and it’s dry and finished. It also get darker while drying so don’t be annoyed if it’s too light at first.


Here’s what it looks like on me. (Again, excuse the selfies!)

(I did two for these, because the one on the left had natural sunlight shining on to it, while the right was taken further away from the window, to show the contrast between the two pictures.)

So, thanks to Cult Beauty, I have two new things. A new beauty site and another new favourite makeup artist!

Fancy following Huda’s journey?

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What’s your favourite Huda Beauty product? Do you have a recommendation of a Huda Beauty product for me to try?

Let me know in the comments!

Much Love, Abiee XOXO

(I was not asked by Huda or CultBeauty to write about this product. I simply wanted to share my views on the products!)  



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