Chique Photography Photoshoot



Every girl loves to dress up, have their hair and makeup done professionally and pose for a camera… Well, this weekend just gone, I did just that!

At first, my friend won the competition, however due to conflicting schedules at work meant she was unavailable to do it. So, she gifted it me.

Set in Huddersfield, it was so easy to get to. Just walk out of the train station and head down the stairs and it’s there, right in front of you. Heading up the stairs and into the room, there was a lovely little family of four been made up with makeup, so I was slightly comforted that there were more people there as well as me.

After filling in some information about what I wanted my hair and makeup to look like, it was soon my turn to get dolled up. My hair and make up artist, Vicki was a delight and a great conversationalist to help ease my nerves.

I was slightly surprised at the use of BaByliss Heated Rollers on my hair. For some reason, I thought a curling iron was going to be used. But I loved them! A very quick way too, although difficult to do on your own, I’d imagine.

After having my make-up done and my hair unravelled (sorry if I made you feel small, Vicki! I didn’t realise how tall I actually was) it was time to change and start posing!

The photographer, Marie was lovely! Encouraging and praising, Marie was so lovely and made me feel very comfortable during the shoot! I also love how the different sets were in the same room, but at the same time, felt like different rooms. Loved the retro wallpapers the most though, of fashions icons and sex symbols and the best of all, black and white pictures of London, Paris and NYC with colour contrasts.

After the shoot was finished, I walked back out into the waiting room type room, and got talking to the little ones of the family that I saw when I first arrived. They loved the shoot too, judging by their smiles and chatter, bless them!

Then it was finally time to choose my photos. After finding out I had 80 photos, I managed to wrangle them down to 18… And that was not a easy feat to do, so a huge thank you to Chloe for helping me and also recommending some photo printing services such as Photobox (Which I’ve used already to create my Mum’s birthday present) so a big thank you there.

So, I’m going to post some of my photos here… Just a few, so here they are!

Do you guys want to do a photoshoot with Chique Photography or simply want to check them out? Click the links below!

Website – (They also have studios in Sheffield and Wakefield too)

Facebook –

Twitter –

Instagram –

I had such a fabulous experience and it really does give you a confidence boost!

All photographs are property of Chique Photography.

*I wasn’t asked by Chique Photography to do this post in exchange for anything, I simply wanted to share my day with them for my readers*.

Xoxo, Abiee






























































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