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Instagram is funny place, isn’t it? Liking so many modelling photos and following the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, I stumbled upon Hailey Baldwin.

After researching a bit about her, as I wasn’t as familiar with her as I am with Kendall and co, I started to examine her fashion style, and I was pleasantly surprised that our styles were very similar…

1) Much Music Awards, Canada

Gold dresses and blonde hair in a top knot.

You can’t go wrong with this look. A simple and chic look for a red carpet do. I’m loving the wispy bangs as well, it makes for a very stylish front and it compliments her outfit.

I’m loving the gold heels as well. For anyone who is new to reading my blog, I practically live in my heels when I’m not at work. As long as I can walk in them, they’ll be in my wardrobe or in a store waiting for payday to come round, so I can snag them off a shelf.

2) The Avenue Restaurant, Paris

Casual and comfy alert!

I do love a good jumper and jean mix. You literally can’t put a foot wrong with this outfit. (Unless you choose patterned upon patterned, to me you can make a small mistake there).

I also like how the jeans and jumpers are block colours. As long as the colours compliment each other (blue and green for example), style away. I like the little addition of the beanie hat, I love a good beanie hat in winter weather!

3) Revolve Winter Party, Hollywood

Does this dress remind anyone of Tinkerbell a little bit?

I love the emerald colour of this dress. And how it clings to her curves. The gold shoes add to look, as the colours compliment each other perfectly.

I also love her blonde hair in tousled, beachy waves. Just simple and easy to do when you’re heading for a night of partying at a Revolve party.

4) Out and About, Milan

Leather pants alert!

I’m doing heart eyes at the picture above here, as I type this.

While I haven’t really worn leather pants before, (unless wet look leggings count) I would be most definitely be pairing them with either a jumper or a bralette and oversized t-shirt. If you haven’t worked it out yet, I like oversized clothing.

I love how she paired the outfit with her favourite accessories… Black heels!

5) Stradivarius Fashion Show, London

I don’t about anyone else, but I don’t see many cropped trousers in England, unless it’s just where I live.

I love this stylish and chic look for a Fashion Week. Although, I’m not fond of the body canale personally, I love how she scrapped her hair back and allowed the focus to be on her outfit, as it should be.

I’m loving that she added cheetah print shoes to finish her outfit off, a nice break up from the bold block colour of her outfit.

6) Revolve Summer Splash Party, New York City

Everyone loves a maxi skirt and crop top in the Summer weather.

I love the contrasting looks between this one and the Winter Formal Party. I love the bright colours and open air background, adding to the natural lighting of the photo.

I also love bohemian style of this look, long flowy skirt and a matching top. It’s interesting to see how people’s styles change regarding the weather which ever country they are living in or visiting.

Gold and black seems to be a recurring theme throughout this blog post, especially on her shoes! Although I do like the lace detailing on this, a bit of a change from the regular slip on shoe or zip up boots.

Want to have a sneak peek at the Revolve collection?

Revolve –

Photo credit –

Do you have a favourite style of Hailey’s? Let me know by commenting below! 🙂

XOXO, Abiee







































































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