June Shopping Haul



Payday was a week ago and after a visit to the horrible dentists yesterday (No offense to anyone who reads this, who is a dentist!) I needed some retail therapy to cheer myself up!

Although I think I went a little overboard… Or did I?

Ted Baker Dressing Gown


I loved Ted Baker! And I’ve been eyeing this dressing gown for a few weeks, so yesterday I finally decided to buy it.

It’s so soft when you run your fingers over it. Perfect for these hot summer nights with it’s thin material. It also has a beautiful lace detailing on the back and the cuff of the sleeves, which I love!


Nip and Fab Dragon’s Blood Serum and Cleansing Pads


Now, I’ve been obsessed with Nip and Fab since I discovered them last year. And their Dragon’s Blood range is my favourite.

For the cleansing pads, I used them after I’ve washed my face and wiped the rest of my makeup off with micellar water. I also use Tea Tree cleansing lotion before I use these and they make my face feel very refreshed!

As for the Dragon’s Blood serum, I used on a night and day and it smells really nice as well, which is a bonus. I also use it as a primer sometimes before I use my make-up, which is another added bonus.


Lush Bath Bombs – Sakura // Butterball


Sakura – Described by the Lush website as ”A celebration of spring, bursting into a floral fragrance. Inspired by the cherry blossom in Japan, this pretty bomb is designed to evoke the burst of optimism the first sign of spring brings. Calming mimosa and jasmine oils are complemented by lemon oil and orange flower to bring to mind the smell of this colourful season.”

I can’t wait to use this, as it’s a different bath bomb from what I normally use. I normally have the Milky Bubble Bar and A French Kiss Bubble bar, but I decided to go for a change this time around.

Butterball – Described by the Lush website as ” If you have dry, sensitive or irritated skin, this is the bath bomb to replenish it. Once the cocoa butter pieces have melted, your skin will be coated by a light buttery film that smells good enough to eat. Ylang Ylang is used in aromatherapy to treat stress and depression, as well as relaxing the nervous system, and relieves anger, panic and fear.”

Cocoa butter is what sealed the deal for me. Plus Ylang Ylang is a bonus for me, because I do tend to get stressed quite easily, whether it’s work related or not.


Fizzy Blue Bottle Sweets


I’m obsessed with these sweets, it’s dangerous!

Does anyone know what flavours they are? I get bubble-gum, but other people tells me they’re raspberry…

I also love the little jar they come in! So cute! Does anyone else recycle the jars they use? I used some of them for my make-up brushes and other bits and bobs.


Patterned Tapered Pants


I see these are coming back into fashion and Gemma Styles (Yes, Harry Styles’ sister) has been rocking some striped trousers (or jeans), which I’m still trying to find!

I saw these and lots of others, however I ended up going for these, because one) I love monochrome and two) I love floral print. They’re also elasticated, which means no buttons digging into your stomach when you’ve eaten too much!

I can’t wait to style them with some black skyscrapers and wear them on a night out!


Ted Baker Body Wash, Body Lotion and Body Spray.


Everyone needs Body Spray to keep in their bags, especially during a hot summers day. And with this little three part collection, you can’t got wrong.

Blush Pink, Pretty Pearl and Opulent Petal are the names of the sprays. While I haven’t used them yet, I’d rather smell like roses than sweat and the lingering scent of food. *grimaces*

The Body Wash is really refreshing. Described with a scent of ”Entwined with floral notes of Jasmine and Neroli, the base of Patchouli, Sandalwood and Musk completes the scent”. It makes it very refreshing and it’s always nice to have a change around with different body washes and lotions.

The Body Lotion is exactly the same scent as the Body Lotion. Does anyone else use body lotion just as they get out of the bath? It’s makes my legs and body feel super smooth as it absorbs into the skin quicker.

Plus, I also love the floral design on the packaging. Really suits the floral theme they have going on at the minute…


Yankee Candle – Baby Powder



You can never go wrong with candle… Yankee ones especially.

I love every single Yankee Candle, however I have an obsession with ones like Baby Powder, Clean Towels, Pure Lien and so.

The reason I got this one is because it brings back fond memories from my childhood. I remember when I first discovered talc… Oh, that was a fun phrase… For me, my mother didn’t have the same view of fun as I did when I upended it over myself and proceeded to run around the house, talc staining the floor, sofa and beds.


Be back soon with more blog post!

Love Abiee…  XOXO
















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