Style Icon – Bella Hadid


As the younger sister of Gigi Hadid, Bella has been making a name for herself in the fashion industry!

And with her designer dresses at Cannes making glimpses on my Instagram feed, I decided to check out some of Bella’s fashion choices over the years.

And I was pleasantly surprised to find that we are quite alike!

  1. New York City


There’s nothing wrong with having a casual day. Everyone does it. And I love how Bella has styled this outfit, especially with the Chanel bag.

While I wouldn’t normally pair track bottoms with heels, it actually looks quite stylish depending on the type of joggers. With the exception of work, I wear my heels at every chance I get and normally pair them with jeans, skirts or shorts… However I may have to try this one!

I love how she kept everything black and blue, you really can’t go wrong when pairing these colours together, it’s practically a non faux pas to make!


2) Paris2017-05-19_23-07-40.jpg

Ripped jeans are an item of clothing every girl should have in their closet.

I love how this time, she’s gone monochrome (kind of) and cozy. And you can’t put a foot wrong with jeans, sneakers and a hoodie. It goes together like fish and chips, Nutella and pancakes.

I will say, I’ve never seen the point in bodysuits being worn as regular clothing, because I’ve always seen them as clothing what ballet dancers wear for their recitals… Does that make me weird? Although if you style them correctly, then who can tell?


3) Milan2017-05-19_23-08-26.jpg

Now, this is my kind of outfit!

Ripped jeans and a cropped top are a must have in my wardrobe! I love how chic Bella looks while strutting her way through Milan. Pairing it with an oversized denim jacket, I loved how she finished off this stylish look with her ever present high heeled shoes and her bag.

Also, look at her abs! Can I have her exercise regime? What I would give to have abs like that! *insert heart eyes emoji*


4) New York City


Am I the only one who thought this was Gigi at first glance?

I love this biker style dress. Classy but also casual. I don’t really see any dresses like this in UK, so I love the detail on this. The belt around the waist adds a touch of sophicatation to the dress.

I also love how she kept it simple with the accessories she paired with the dress. I adore the colour of her bag, a nice contrast of colour to go with the dress. Also, we have something in common with this look… I have the exact same sunglasses as her from the Quay Australia website!


5) Paris


Everyone deserves to travel in style!

I’m a huge Adidas fan (It’s actually kept worrying how much clothing I have from their website), so when I saw this outfit, I immediately fell in love with it!

Adidas tracksuits are so comfy and I’m all for comfort when I’m travelling and I love how she’s gone for a matching tracksuit rather than a mismatched one. I also love the heels that she’s paired with the cuffed bottoms.

If I had to choose between this one and 1st one I reviewed, it would have to be this… I have to be loyal to my Adidas peeps! *insert sunglasses emoji*


6) West Hollywood


Anyone else love cropped, oversized jumpers? I love them!

I love the whole style of this outfit, from the cropped jumper to the shoes and bag. Casual but classy as well. You could wear this in the day and still look chic and stylish in the evening. Sometimes, all you need to do is change your hairstyle to change the tone of the outfit.

Also… Hello abs! Seriously what is her abs exercise routine?


7) Nobu Restaurant


Casual alert!

Now, I adore my heels, but even I have to give my feet a break at some point. I love styles like this, comfy and casual. You literally can’t put a foot wrong with this outfit. I love the contrasting shades of blue between the jacket and the jeans, breaking the outfit up just a little bit.

Also, can I have her bag?


8) Paris


A very elegant look to finish off this blog post!

I love everything about this look. How her dress just clings to her figure in all the right places. Her shoes suit the style of the dress perfectly, adding a very classy vibe to the outfit overall.

I like how she kept the accessories light with this look, and with her hair tied up in an elegant up-do, it allowed the focus to be of her dress.

Photo credit goes to

And also, if you want some sunglasses inspiration, check this website out:

What’s your favourite style of Bella’s? Let me know!

XOXO, Abiee





































































One thought on “Style Icon – Bella Hadid

  1. I definitely think Bella’s style is underrated! Even on red carpets she ALWAYS looks amazing, I have yet to see her look anything less than fantastic👏🏻

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