Beauty Product Review- Pond’s Product


A few weeks ago, I was wanting a change from my skincare routine, and after reading through Jordana’s beauty tips – that you can view here : – , I decided to give Pond’s ago…

After scrolling through the web looking for the products, it became clear that two products I wanted, weren’t available in the U.K and that I would have to get them from the U.S Amazon site.

After adding them to cart and waiting for them to dispatch, I was hoping they wouldn’t take too long to arrive and boy, they didn’t. They were her within a week a half, so that impressed me and delighted me very much.

The products

Cucumber Cleanser and Make Up Remover


Smell – I LOVE the smell of this! So refreshing and reminds me of one of my products that I used to use as a little girls, so happy memories came from that!

Use – Using lukewarm water, I use my pointer finger and dot it evenly around my face before rubbing it in. I then leave it for a minute or two, depending on how much I have on, before rinsing it off and patting my face dry.

Review – Leaves my face feeling squeaky clean and make up free! And you can’t beat the baby soft feeling on your cheeks when you smile.

Rejuveness Anti- Wrinkle Cream


Smell – Does anyone else get the smell of baby powder from this? Or is it just me? I get images of myself throwing it everywhere, because I loved it that much… The amount of times I ended up with white hair because of it.

Use – I use this after using my Deep Cleansing toner, twice a day. I spread upwards from my neck and onto my face. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and you can feel it working.

Review – Leaves skin feeling super soft, like a babies bottom! You can feel it working in your pores, as it soaks up in your skin.

(Here’s a few photos of the lovely face of Pond’s Product – Miss Jordana Brewster- using the products!)

jbp   images (4)

Look at that flawless skin!

Pond’s Product

I’m going to print this out when my printer gets fixed and put it on my wall as motivation!

My next Pond’s product investment just in time for holidays in Setempber! 

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Have you tried any of the skincare products from POND’S? What do you think of them?

xoxo, Abiee


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