Skin Care – Simple Rapid Action Spot Zapper and Anti Blemish Moisturizer

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Like everyone who suffers acne, I’m always on the hunt for the quickest spot zapper, with the highest spot fighting ingredients available .

Having spots for me, is a nightmare. I get so self conscious and unless I really have to, I try not to go out in public because then I get paranoid about everyone looking at my face and thinking horrible thoughts.

That was when I discovered Simple Rapid Action Spot Zapper and their Anti Blemish Moisturizer…

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National Television Award’s – Top 4 Best Dressed


The National Television Awards 2015 aired last night in London at the 02 Arena and it was a night to remember. The dresses, the suits and the winners… But mainly the dresses! That’s really the only reason I watch it… Oh and for Ant and Dec as well of course!

P.S: It seemed Designer Nadine Merabi was a big hit for the ladies dresses…

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Book Review: L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad

I’ve been a huge fan of The Hills/ Lauren Conrad ever since it first aired on, T.V, but there’s no denying that Lauren is probably the most successful person to come from the show.

With a clothing that I wish I could buy or model or both, scrolling through her website to find inspiration on how to liven up my bedroom, to owning nearly all of her books.

L.A. Candy, Sweet Little Lies and Sugar and Spice is the trilogy that follows Jane Roberts and her BFF Scarlett Harp as they enter L.A, one to start an internship and the other to attend U.S.C. However, once a T.V. Producer gets hold of them, their lives are about to change and not in the way they thought they would…
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